Recently, a new member has joined to our team. You can download a small video showing it's skills from here

Cerberus'06 Team Report can be downloaded from here

we made it to the quarterfinals at RoboCup'06 held Bremen, Germany between June 12-19, 2006.

Cerberus has won the 1st place in the Technical Challenge at RoboCup-2005 held in Osaka between July 13-17, 2005.

Cerberus was the first international team in the Sony Legged Robot League which is a part of RoboCup-2006 event. It started as a joint effort of Bogazici University, Turkey and Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch, Bulgaria. Currently Bogazici University is maintaining the team.

RoboCup is an international research and education initiative. Its goal is to foster artificial intelligence and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be examined and integrated. RoboCup-2006 is the 10th International RoboCup event which will bring together researchers working in a variety of different aspects of multiagent and multirobot systems as the Cerberus team have experienced in RoboCup-2001 held in Seattle USA, RoboCup-2002 in Fukuoka Japan, RoboCup-2003 in Padova Italy and RoboCup-2005 in Osaka, Japan..

The project Cerberus involves five modules to be attached with each of the agents: vision, locomotion, localization, planning and behaviors, communication.

Qualification movie of Cerberus'05 can be downloaded from here

Source code for Cerberus'05 is here
Cerberus'05 Team Report can be downloaded from here

The team description of Cerberus 2004 is here

The team description of Cerberus 2003 is here and source code for Cerberus2003 Team is here

A list of our publications can be found in here