Ph.D. Theses:


  • Y. Yildirim, Application of Inverse Reinforcement Learning Techniques in Social Robot Navigation(In Progress)
  • O. Asik, Scalable Multi-Agent Decision Making Algorithms for Real World Problems (In Progress)
  • E. Başaran, Deep Model Based Reinforcement Learning With Short-Long Term Predictions (In Progress)
  • B. Gokce, Transfer Learning By Subgoal Discovery in Partially Observable Dynamic Environments (In Progress)
  • B. Gorer, IM4U: A Computational Affective Model for Companion Robots to Increase Interaction Quality and Task Engagement (In Progress)


  • A. U. Peker, Digital Map and GNSS Fusion to Enhance Localization for Intelligent Vehicle Applications (Co-Advisor with O. Tosun)


  • T. Meriçli, Case Based Mobile Manipulation


  • B. Eker, Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving DEC-POMDP Problems


  • K. Kaplan, ADES: Autonomous Driver Evaluation System
  • Ç. Meriçli, Multi-Resolution Model Plus Correction Paradigm for Task and Skill Refinement on Autonomous Robots


  • H. Köse, A Collaborative Multi-agent Localization Technique for Autonomous Mobile Robots.
  • A. Sardag, Autonomous Strategy Planning Under Uncertainty.


  • M. T. Karadeniz, A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Partially Observable Robot Navigation Problems

M. Sc. Theses:


  • Murat Toygar, Social Relation Recognition For Social Robots (In Progress)
  • Rahmetullah Varol, Action Recognition For Social Robots (In Progress)
  • Talat Çıkıkçı, Mapping of a Dark Cavity by a Drone Swarm (In Progress)
  • K. Y. Usta, Development of an Ethics Module for a Service Robot (In Progress)
  • S. Ece Ada, Few-Shot Learning for Continuous Control (In Progress)


  • M. Doyran, Indoor Visual Understanding with RGB-D Images Using Deep Neural Networks for a Service Robot
  • I. Ozcan, Accompaniment Robot with Turkish Speech Synthesis and Lip Synchronization


  • B. Irfan, Manipulation and Placement Planning for Loading a Dishwasher by a Robot


  • Y. Yildirim, Human-Aware Robot Navigation Using the Social Force Model


  • B. Görer, Developing a Fitness Coach Robot for Elderly People in Assisted Living Environments


  • O. Aşık, Using DEC-POMDP Algorithms to Solve Multi-Agent Decision Problems in Robot Soccer


  • C. Kurtul, Road Lane and Traffic Sign Detection and Tracking


  • O. F. Gunes, Implementation of a Mobile Tour-Guide Robot
  • B. Kurt, Imitation of Human Arm Movements by a Humanoid Robot Using Monocular Vision
  • S. Danis, Development of a Multi-Sensored Autonomous Ground Vehicle
  • C. Kavaklioglu, Developing A Probabilistic Post Perception Module For Mobile Robotics
  • B. Gokce, Design and Implementation of a Bipedal Walking Algorithm for Nao Humanoid Robots
  • E. Ozkucur, Design and Implementation of Multi-agent Visual-SLAM Algorithms on Autonomous Robots


  • T. Mericli, Braitenberg Soccer: Learning How to Play Soccer with Primitive Behaviors
  • D. Sezen, Implementation of Continuous POMDP Algorithms on Autonomous Robots


  • F. Geleri, Comparison of Path Planning Algorithms


  • S. B. Özkan, Design and Simulation of Multi-agent Autonomous Robot Systems for Industrial Facilities
  • S. Sarı, Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Tour Guide Robot


  • B. Celik, S-Loc and My Environment: A New Localization System for Autonomous Robots
  • Ç. Meriçli, Developing a Robust Multi-agent Task Allocation Algorithm for Four-legged Robotic Soccer Domain.


  • Ü.D. Ulusar, Design And Implementation Of Real Time Planning Algoritms For Autonomous Robots.


  • M. U. Tatlidede, Learning Multi-Agent Behavior through Reinforcement Learning
  • L. Santemiz, Development of Fast Gaits for AIBO Robot
  • K. Kaplan, Design and Implementation of Fast Controllers for Mobile Robots
  • B. Talaysüm, Design and Implementation of a Simulated Autonomous Rescue Teams.


  • L. Tolun, Development Of Area Coverage Algorithms For An Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot.
  • H. Köse, Towards a Robust Cognitive Architecture for Small Robots
  • N. Kurtuldu, Development of a Fuzzy Controller for a Robot Arm Using Evolutionary Algorithms


  • S. D. Köprülü, An Object Oriented Framework for Intelligent Control of an Automated Guided Vehicle.
  • T. Karadeniz, Planning and Acting In Stochastic Domains for Mobile Robot Control.
  • A. Sardag, Design Of An Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot.