RoboAKUT Rescue Agents Team

Singapore was the host of Robocup 2010

Information about the comptetion and official website

RoboAKUT at ROBOCUP 2010

RoboAKUT won the first place in RoboCup 2010. Detailed score results and ranks can be found here.

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RoboAkut is a multi-agent rescue team developed at the Artificial Intelligence Lab of the Computer Engineering Department of Bogazici University.

RoboCup Rescue Simulation environment is a disaster management simulation which consists of multi-tasking heterogeneous agents (Fire brigades, Fire Station, Police Forces, police Office, Ambulance Teams and Ambulance Center). In addition to being one the best test beds for agent coordination, there are many other challenges such as development of agent communication protocols for limited communication and delayed message arrivals, multi-agent path planning, scheduling, optimization, supervised learning for civilian death time and fire behavior estimation and unsupervised learning for agents to develop policies.

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Rescue Agents

The Rescue Agents part of RoboCup Rescue (also known as the Agent Simulation Competition) is a simulated disaster scenario. A model of an earthquake in an urban centre is simulated and teams compete to produce efficient response policies for the simulated emergency services. The earthquake model covers building collapse, roads blocked by rubble and other debris, traffic movement, fire, and injuries to civilians and emergency services workers.

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