Rescue Simulation Project

RoboCupRescue Simulation Project is a new practical domain of RoboCup. Its main purpose is to provide emergency decision support by integration of disaster information, prediction, planning, and human interface.

A generic urban disaster simulation environment is constructed on network computers. Heterogeneous intelligent agents such as fire fighters, commanders, victims, volunteers, etc. conduct search and rescue activities in this virtual disaster world. Real-world interfaces such as helicopter image synchronizes the virtuality and the reality by sensing data. Mission-critical human interfaces such as PDA support disaster managers, disaster relief brigades, residents and volunteers to decide their action to minimize the disaster damage.

This problem involves advanced and interdisciplinary research themes. As AI/robotics research, for example, behavior strategy (e.g. multi-agent planning, realtime/anytime planning, heterogeneity of agents, robust planning, mixed-initiative planning) is a challenging problem. For disaster researchers, RoboCupRescue works as a standard basis in order to develop practical comprehensive simulators adding necessary disaster modules.

RoboCupRescue Simulation Project is an open resource of research results. Various people worldwide participate in this simulator for research, entertainment, training, or education via the Internet. A diverse spectrum of possibilities of this technology will contribute to the creation of the safer social system in the future.

Rescue Simulation League

In 2004 the fourth competition will be organized as a part of Robocup 2004

Call For Participation Agent Competition

Teams with intent for participating in 2004 should complete this form and send to by January 15, 2004.
This year 20 teams will be selected for competition. The qualification material consists of:
  • Team Description paper
  • Logfile
  • Team Travel Support Form (Optional)

Only pre-registered teams can submit qualification material. You can find the details here: Please note that the strict deadline for submissions is March 1, 2004.

Call For Participation Infrastructure Competition

Starting this year a new competition category in the Robocup Rescue Simulation was established. Improvements in simulation components, such as disaster simulators, GIS, kernel, viewers, and civilian agents and so on, are essential in rescue simulations. This competition tests the performance of these components.

The awarded team will be requested to provide the component for the next year's competition. For this reason, teams should accept the open source policy before entering the competition.

Teams will present their tools in front of all teams during Robocup 2004. Ranking will be decided with votes from TC members and teams in both agent and infrastructure competitions.

Teams that want to participate in this competition must send the following material to League Chair until April 15, 2004.
  • Information about the team. Use this form
  • Team Description Paper. Papers should be in English and formatted to the Springer LNAI format <>. The paper must  discuss the component developed. It should clearly point out the improvements over the existing component in the Rescue Simulation League environment. Papers must be no more than 12 pages in length and should be submitted as a pdf file.
  • An official letter declaring that if the team is selected it will add the source code to the open source development repository of the league under BSD license.


Robocup 2004 Rescue Simulation League Organization Commitee



Robocup 2004 Rescue Simulation League Technical Commitee

  • Chair: H. Levent Akin (University of Bogaziši, Turkey) [E-mail]
  • Cameron Skinner (University of Auckland, New Zealand) [E-mail]
  • Jafar Habibi (Computer University of Technology Tehran, Iran) [E-mail]
  • Tetsuhiko Koto (University of Trier, Japan) [E-mail]
  • Sergio Lo Casio (University of Rome, Italy) [E-mail]


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