WAFR 2014

The Eleventh International Workshop on the
Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
3-5 August 2014, Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey




Accepted Papers


Kyle Klein and Subhash Suri Trackability with Imprecise Localization
Weifu Wang, Matthew Bell and Devin Balkcom Towards arranging and tightening knots and unknots with fixtures
Zhongdi Luo, Yi-Jen Chiang, Jyh-Ming Lien and Chee Yap Resolution-Exact Algorithms for Link Robots
Yanyan Lu, Zhonghua Xi and Jyh-Ming Lien Predict Collision Among Rigid and Articulated Obstacles with Unknown Motion
Jingjin Yu and Daniela Rus Pebble Motion on Graphs with Rotations: Efficient Feasibility Tests and Planning Algorithms
Neil Mathew, Stephen Smith and Steven Waslander Optimal Path Planning in Cooperative Heterogeneous Multi-robot Delivery Systems
Aviv Adler, Mark de Berg, Dan Halperin and Kiril Solovey Efficient Multi-Robot Motion Planning for Unlabeled Discs in Simple Polygons
Zhan Wei Lim, David Hsu and Wee Sun Lee Adaptive Informative Path Planning in Metric Spaces
Omur Arslan, Dan P. Guralnik and Daniel E. KoditschekNavigation of Distinct Euclidean Particles via Hierarchical Clustering
Kiril Solovey, Oren Salzman and Dan Halperin Finding a needle in an exponential haystack: Discrete RRT for exploration of implicit roadmaps in multi-robot motion planning
Ryan Luna, Morteza Lahijanian, Mark Moll and Lydia Kavraki Asymptotically Optimal Stochastic Motion Planning with Temporal Goals
Marilena Vendittelli, Jean-Paul Laumond and Bud Mishra Decidability of Robot Manipulation Planning: Three Disks in the Plane
Iddo Shnaps and Elon Rimon On-Line Coverage of Planar Environments by a Battery Powered Autonomous Mobile Robot
Fatemeh Panahi, A. Frank van der Stappen and Mansoor Davoodi Orienting Parts with Shape Variation
Alejandro Cornejo and Radhika Nagpal Distributed Range-Based Relative Localization of Robot Swarms
Laura Lindzey, Ross Knepper, Howie Choset and Siddhartha Srinivasa The Feasible Transition Graph: Encoding Topology and Manipulation Constraints for Multirobot Push-Planning
Jory Denny, Read Sandstrom, Nicole Julian and Nancy Amato A Region-Based Strategy for Collaborative Roadmap Construction
Haluk Bayram and Isil Bozma Coalition Formation Games for Dynamic Multirobot Tasks
Michael Otte and Emilio Frazzoli RRT-X: Real-Time Motion Planning/Replanning for Environments with Unpredictable Obstacles
Yu-Han Lyu and Devin Balkcom Optimal Trajectories for Planar Rigid Bodies with Switching Costs
Sachin Patil, Gregory Kahn, Michael Laskey, John Schulman, Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel Scaling up Gaussian Belief Space Planning through Covariance-Free Trajectory Optimization and Automatic Differentiation
Hao-Tien Chiang, Nick Malone, Kendra Lesser, Meeko Oishi and Lydia Tapia Aggressive Moving Obstacle Avoidance Using a Stochastic Reachable Set Based Potential Field
Chonhyon Park and Dinesh Manocha Smooth and Dynamically Stable Navigation of Multiple Human-Like Robots
Krishna Shankar, Joel Burdick and Nicolas Hudson A Quadratic Programming Approach to Quasi-Static Whole-Body Manipulation
Didier Devaurs, Thierry Siméon and Juan Cortés Efficient Sampling-based Approaches to Optimal Path Planning in Complex Cost Spaces
Caelan Garrett, Tomas Lozano-Perez and Leslie Kaelbling FFRob: An efficient heuristic for task and motion planning
Wen Li and Dezhen Song Featureless Motion Vector-based Simultaneous Localization, Planar Surface Extraction, and Moving Obstacle Tracking
Han Wang, Cheng Chen and Yuliy Baryshnikov A Topological Perspective on Cycling Robots for Full Tree Coverage
Dmitry Yershov and Emilio Frazzoli Asymptotically Optimal Feedback Planning: FMM Meets Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Yanbo Li, Zakary Littlefield and Kostas Bekris Sparse Methods for Efficient Asymptotically Optimal Kinodynamic Planning
Robin Deits and Russ Tedrake Computing Large Convex Regions of Obstacle-Free Space through Semidefinite Programming
Sachin Patil, Jia Pan, Pieter Abbeel and Ken Goldberg Planning Curvature and Torsion Constrained Ribbons in 3D with Application to Intracavitary Brachytherapy
Tobias Kunz and Mike Stilman Kinodynamic RRTs with Fixed Time Step and Best-Input Extension Are Not Probabilistically Complete
Narges Noori and Volkan Isler The Lion and Man Game on Convex Terrains
Shishir Nadubettu Yadukumar, Wen-Loong Ma and Aaron Ames Composing Dynamical Systems to Realize Dynamic Robotic Dancing
Fangchang Ma and Sertac Karaman Maximum-reward Motion in a Stochastic Environment: The Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics Perspective
Jeffrey Ichnowski and Ron Alterovitz Fast Nearest Neighbor Search in SE(3) for Sampling-Based Motion Planning
Matthew Turpin, Nathan Michael and Vijay Kumar An Approximation Algorithm for Time Optimal Multi-Robot Routing
Chanyeol Yoo, Robert Fitch and Salah Sukkarieh Online Task Planning and Control for Aerial Robots with Fuel Constraints in Winds
Sarah Ferguson, Brandon Luders, Robert Grande and Jonathan How Real-Time Predictive Modeling and Robust Avoidance of Pedestrians with Uncertain, Changing Intentions
Benjamin Charrow, Nathan Michael and Vijay Kumar Active control strategies for discovering and localizing devices with range-only sensors
Wen Sun, Jur van den Berg and Ron Alterovitz Stochastic Extended LQR: Optimization-based Motion Planning Under Uncertainty