Gazebo Dairies — A summary of last four month — OPW internship

My internship journey finished after the last four great months. I have developed SDF editor for Gazebo which allows to modify the current world model by directly modifying the SDF file loaded in the memory. I have learned a lot, enjoyed more.. Nate Koenig which is my mentor for this internship is always with me with his valuable help in order to direct me though the project and answer my questions. It was my first time to be in such a great international project, working with a person on chat. Many thanks to open source community, many thanks to OPW for encouraging girls to participate in such organizations. I have tried to log my work in this blog which is  . The codes can be found in  . As a future plan, I will continue on this project in order to make it ready for the next release of Gazebo. I will be very proud of it if I can achieve :)