Humanoids 2010 Workshop: Humanoid Robots Learning from Human Interaction

Tuesday December 7th • Nashville, TN


8:30-8:40 Welcome

8:40-9:40 Invited Talk: "HRI perspective for Learning by Demonstration" Andrea Thomaz, Georgia Institute of Technology

9:40-10:05 "Interactive Games With Humanoids: Playing With Jaemi Hubo" Daniel M. Lofaro, JunHo Oh, and Paul Oh (PDF)

10:05-10:30 "A Research on Motion Coaching for Human Beings by a Robotics System that uses Emphatic Motion and Verbal Attention" Keisuke Okuno and Tetsunari Inamura (PDF)

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00 Conference-Wide Plenary Talk


13:30-13:55 "Iterative Motion Primitive Learning and Refinement by Compliant Motion Control" Dongheui Lee and Christian Ott (PDF)

13:55-14:20 "Human corrections for the refinement of adaptive control policies on a humanoid robot endowed with tactile sensing" Eric L. Sauser, Brenna D. Argall, and Aude G. Billard (PDF)

14:20-14:45 "Approaches for Learning Human-like Motor Skills which Require Variable Stiffness During Execution" Petar Kormushev, Sylvain Calinon and Darwin G. Caldwell (PDF)

14:45-15:30 Discussion session

15:30-16:00 Break

16:00-16:25 "Human Robot Interaction: Coaching to Play Soccer via Spoken-Language" Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Senior Member, IEEE, Abdel Ejnioui, and Peter Dominey (PDF)

16:25-16:50 "Hierarchical Learning from Demonstration on Humanoid Robots" Keith Sullivan, Sean Luke, and Vittorio Amos Ziparo (PDF)

16:50-17:15 "Developing a Concept of Digital Central Pattern Generator for Creating A Framework for Human-Robot Interactions" G. C. Nandi, A. Gadeh, B. Srikant, and Anirban Nandi (PDF)